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The cannabidiol beverage industry, as it exists in the United States, has garnered an impressive corner of the medicinal marijuana market. Presenting the cannabis cocktail – the latest and greatest alternative for those exploring drinkables. If anyone finds that catchy name I’ve been working on – Canna-tai? Canna-cock? - Let me know. Cocktails hinge on the use of simple syrup, which can be easily made at home by combining equal parts water and sugar under medium heat. The sweet blend that remains can safely be added to cannabinoid concentrates, and perhaps some favorite liquor, to craft your new favorite drink.

Believe it or not, part of the gimmick behind CBD cocktails flies in the face of what one might expect when spiking their mixer with a cannabinoid a refreshing lack of a hangover or any ill effects that follow alcohol consumption. CBD works wonders as an anti-inflammatory agent, pain reliever, and clarity-boosting anti-anxiety supplement. Because nothing says “hungover” like a puffy, anxious, achy mess, CBD lives up to the hype in erasing some infamous ill-effects that have been haunting drinkers in their collective morning after.

Breathe In, AND Drink Up

Most regulars and aficionados alike seek out the rich, smooth pulls of JUUL pens and other vapes, pipes, and tinctures to consume CBD in its all-natural glory. And we raise a glass to them. Washing down edibles with an all-natural CBD soda, for instance, may still pique the interest of those looking to explore, even if you’re just ticking a box off of your experiential bucket list. Especially those who find themselves wishing to reign the crazy-night-before in in retroactively. The infused beverage industry is just beginning. Still, it’s clear that the growing variety of CBD consumption methods – from CBD sodas and coffees, to your favorite alcoholic hybrid, the rise of CBD beverages is certainly worth toasting to.

The March 2018 Natural Products Expo allowed for superfans, investors and creators to combine forces and work in the name of the plant. Veteran attendants have expressed immense surprise and satisfaction at the speed with which CBD drinks took off. Two years ago, David Meniane of L.A. Libations muses, cannabidiol -infused beverages weren’t even a part of the discussion. While zero users sought to sell such a product near the end of 2016, by the 2016 expo, more than twenty were said to have thrown their hat into the smoke ring.

From rich CBD coffee blends, infused sodas and sparkling waters, to CBD matchas, teas, and cocktails, there’s now a decadent way to add CBD to any part of your day, bringing new meaning to the concept of a balanced meal. The demand of the general public for CBD has been noted, and since 2018, beverage makers have finally shown off the latest and greatest that their company has to offer. As new laws roll in like the tide, and roll out old restrictions with it, the sales market for cannabinoids of any variety is rising still. Amazingly, the legal green market has boasted a staggering $9+ billion in profit. Since rec weed finally got approval in California, the total profit margin has soared even further.

Well, well, well…

Going from zero vendors to 20+ so quickly is not an easy feat. Branding and individuating are the name of the game for Phivida, who’ve found success in Canada before slowly expanding as United States cannabis laws do the same. By etching reminders of the hemp oil found within on its packaging, and marketing as a health and wellness product, Phivida’s brand of vegan, all-natural, gluten-and-preservative-free matcha and infused teas are thriving within the holistic health community.

Other morning brewers have tinkered with the best packaging for their CBD-infused coffee drinks. As one company can tell you, that makes a difference. Kickback Cold Brew offered a coffee drink in 2017, and expected significant demand. They were disheartened when their early run lacked the numbers they’d hoped for – and then some. Crediting “bad advice” and a bad business call, creators soon realized that a pot leaf logo may have led users to the mistaken conclusion of inebriation, and scared them away from the likes of an early-morning coffee high. Since CBD isn’t inebriating, this wasn’t the impression they’d hoped for. By adjusting their design scheme to ditch the pot leaf, proclaiming “THC free!” on every bottle, and leaving the rest to the concept, their sales took off at the rate they’d previously hoped.

An impressive benefit to cannabidiol use in the sports community is the relief a therapeutic dose can bring to athletes who suffer from traumatic brain injuries far more often due to the demands of their sport, let alone other physical injuries and ailments. CBD has helped many to alleviate their soreness and pain, while leaving their minds clear and un-addled for game day. Having such an option without an addictive element (which plagues users of opioid painkillers) is an incredible boon to any who struggle with chronic pain. No matter what’s hurting, a bottle of CBD tea may do the trick.

The cannabidiol beverage industry is taking off like never before, with changing regulations allowing for a brave new world of consumables for every taste or palate. Regardless of the ways in which you like your CBD, we raise our infused-beverage glass to you.

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