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Colorado’s Best Drinks is excited to introduce our two delicious sparkling water options – Citrus Water and Hibiscus Water! Sparkling CBD Citrus Water and Hibiscus Water both bring sweet, refreshing flavor with every sip. Like our five classic CBD soda flavors, each BPA-free can of our sparkling CBD water products is vegan, non-GMO, and free of gluten, sodium and preservatives. Best of all, both new sparkling water options both have zero calories and zero sugar – so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without ditching your diet.

While you sip your Sparkling CBD Citrus Water, there’s no better time to explore the roots of its core citrus fruit components and the ways they’ve grown and changed over the years. In honor of our two new satisfying citrus flavors, we’ve found some fascinating facts about oranges that you won’t want to miss.

Love Oranges? Thank Florida

Florida’s official state flower is the orange blossom, which has been the case since 1909. The orange is also Florida’s designated state fruit, which took effect much more recently in the year 2005. As you may have guessed, oranges comprise a significant portion of the state’s crop production and outsourced oranges are a significant source of revenue. In fact, roughly seventy percent of the nation’s oranges are grown in the state of Florida – and ninety percent of those Florida oranges are used to make orange juice.

Etched Into History

In 1919, the California Fruit Growers Exchange burned “Sunkist” onto the surfaces of their oranges, allegedly as a preventative measure against theft by rival farmers. With this small act, they became the first group to trademark a fresh fruit, adding a historic feat to oranges’ legacy.

America is Number…Four!

Think the U.S. is number one in orange production? Think again. American orange production comes in fourth globally with 4.66 million metric tons produced in the 2019-2020 marketing year (which ended in July). Brazil produces more oranges than any other nation on Earth, with 15.62 million metric tons of oranges produced in the same timespan. Brazil’s annual orange production outweighs the combined production of the second and third leading nations worldwide.

Vitamin C, Anyone?

Many of us love oranges for the sweet, juicy flavor in every bite. However, the indulgent taste isn’t all that there is to love about the citrus staple. Oranges are one of the leading sources of Vitamin C per serving. According to data from the Center for Disease control, a medium orange containing seventy milligrams of Vitamin C per serving – seventy-eight percent of the average adult’s daily recommended value. In other words, when that sweet tooth hits, consider biting into an orange for a healthy alternative to your go-to chocolatey guilty pleasures.

Oranges by the Numbers

More than six hundred varieties of oranges exist worldwide. A single citrus plant, including these hundreds of orange plant varieties, may have up to sixty thousand flowers. However, only one percent of those flowers will fully blossom into the citrus fruits we know and love. Fear not, orange lovers – with more than forty million tons of oranges produced annually last year, there’s no shortage of your favorite fruit and no signs of it disappearing. With so many options across the globe, it’s no wonder that oranges are one of the most popular fruits in existence today.

Orange You Glad You Tried CBD Citrus Water?

Sparkling CBD Citrus Water Can in Hat with Large Salted Pretzels

If you haven’t already tried our delicious sparkling CBD water and soda options, now’s the time to do so! Order a twelve-pack or a forty-eight pack of Sparkling CBD Citrus Water or our other delicious products today. We'll bring a case to your doorstep - ready to savor straight from the can, poured over ice, or blended into delicious cocktail recipes. All seven of our CBD beverage options are made with phytocannabinoid-rich, broad spectrum hemp extract. Better yet, each refreshing sparkling CBD soda and water flavor is vegan, non-GMO, and free of gluten, sodium, and preservatives – and you’ll taste that sweet simplicity with every sip.

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