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Each year, experts make annual predictions of changes to come within the CBD industry. Despite the unexpected and unprecedented challenges of 2020, pre-COVID industry predictions for the food and beverage markets still rang surprisingly true. If the 2021 forecast holds half of the merit of last year's food and beverage industry claims, we’d be wise to pay attention to the latest CBD industry report as we tentatively picture the coming year and what it could have in store. Read on to learn four significant changes that hemp and CBD industry experts anticipate in 2021.

Crackdowns on Unfounded Claims

A major obstacle facing today’s CBD industry are the widespread claims surrounding CBD that aren’t always based in reality. While a growing body of research supports the potential benefit of cannabidiol in symptom relief for dozens of common ailments, many advocates and retailers take things too far by touting the substance as a “cure all.” As the old adage goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Reputable retailers of CBD-related items offer certificates of analysis on the products they carry, rather than spouting exorbitant and miraculous benefits without much scientific proof to back them up. The FDA is expected to further regulate the CBD industry in 2021, increasing their stringency on these types of claims to ensure that no consumers are misled prior to their purchases, and that only quality products with factual and well-founded product details are available on the modern market.

Thinner Herd of Retailers

As of today, there are thousands of CBD product options available for purchase, in local establishments throughout the United States or through online stores with local and nationwide delivery options. High-quality CBD options are generally extracted from phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract grown qith mindful adherence to a range of agricultural best practices within the manufacturer's local community. Unfortunately, many modern-day CBD sellers can’t afford to grow the high-quality hemp it takes to make premium products - or to routinely purchase this ingredient from local growers. As such, the intense diversity of CBD-based retailers is expected to decline in the coming year, with only the brands with the highest quality products - and highest customer demand - lasting through this thinning of the herd.

Increased Product Options

While the number of CBD-based brands may be declining throughout the year, innovation within the industry will likely continue to climb. CBD fans can already purchase an extensive range of quality products today, including CBD beverages, foods, vaporizable liquids, chewing gums, topicals and much more. We can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for CBD waters, sodas and other CBD products as federally funded research and public demand throughout the United States steadily rise.

More Research and Public Awareness

In 1970, President Richard Nixon passed the Controlled Substances Act. This measure bafflingly categorized hemp, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, as a controlled substance along with harmful substances like cocaine and methamphetamine with high propensities for intoxication, addiction and user abuse. Thankfully, the Fam Act of 2018 reversed the needless limitations of this prior judgement, making industrial hemp legal for growth and commercial sale under Federal law within the United States. Research on hemp and cannabidiol has been on the rise in the two short years since the Farm Bill’s approval, but prior to this reversal of decades-old policy, credible studies on these substances were few and far between. Advocates of CBD and hemp - and the vast array of applications for each - couldn’t be happier about their change in legal status and the recognition of their value by our nation’s leaders. Industry experts predict continued growth in CBD research over the course of 2021. Furthermore, resources devoted to educating the public on CBD’s potential benefits and applications are expected to increase in kind. Knowledge truly is power, and as such, we’re excited by both of these anticipated trends and their collective impact on CBD’s future in Colorado and throughout the country.

Here’s to 2021 - and Everything In Store!

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