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When CBD (cannabidiol) first made headway in 2017, the positive press seemed to arise from curiosity more than anything else. How could a product made from hemp or cannabis be so theoretically beneficial, without any nasty psychoactive effects? But as the potential benefits gained attention - and CBD was legalized at the state level gradually throughout the U.S. – the ingredient started being added to everything from candy to dog treats. Now, products like CBD water have morphed from wellness niche to a near-status symbol to the traditional “say no to drugs” soccer moms.


CBD water is just one of numerous CBD products — from colorful gummies to suntan lotion to eye drops — that are available to purchase and try. Like other kinds of cannabidiol, CBD water has unique features in terms of how quickly it works, how long it’s effective, and what dosage is most effective.

It’s important to remember that many CBD sparkling water products contain fairly low levels of CBD itself, roughly about two to five milligrams per serving, dependent on the brand. In comparison, CBD gummies or oil can have between 10 to 20 mg per serving or even more.

As a review, CBD is one of many active compounds in hemp and marijuana. It’s removed from hemp or cannabis plants to produce a single CBD-only compound, or a full-spectrum mixture that includes CBD and other compounds from the plant. At its most basic level, water of the CBD variety is merely water that has been imbued with CBD.

If you’ve ever attempted mixing CBD oil into a cup of water at your house, you know from experience that water and oil don’t mix too well. Because of this, clever CBD water companies utilize nanoemulsion technology which aids with infusion by lowering the surface friction of the water. This makes the molecules in the liquid less prone to stick to themselves but more likely to intermingle with the oil. When the mixture is agitated, the CBD that’s in the beverage is smashed down into microscopic droplets, preventing the oil from separating out. This ensures CBD is more easily absorbed by your body. Because of this, it’s more beneficial to buy it instead of making it yourself.

Combining CBD and water is a complicated process but that’s the beauty of nanotechnology as we alluded to, which allows water and oil to mix and become a tasty, wonderful beverage that nearly anyone can enjoy. How does nanotechnology work? It basically alters the structure of fat molecules. The end result? Nanoemulsion. Without this process, the homogenized oil floats to the top. But if successful, the body perceives the liquid as water and it’s finally ready for human consumption.


CBD is one of two prime ingredients in the marijuana plant and its relation, the hemp plant. Unlike the other main ingredient that draws so much attention, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD doesn’t produce a high if you consume it as a beverage, food item, or treat. Marijuana is more known for THC while hemp contains more CBD.

In the United States, most CBD is derived from hemp which can be legally grown if it contains no more than 0.3 percent THC, as spelled out in the 2018 Farmers Bill. Hemp is also marketed in rope, paper, carpets, and other consumer products available online and from stores near you.


Many people are up in arms about this very question, as it’s one of the more bewildering areas of U.S. law. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration still lists marijuana derivatives with the psychoactive component THC as Schedule I controlled substances. The exception? Hemp, which contains no more than 0.3 percent THC. An overview of each state's legal policies on CBD is available from The National Conference of State Legislatures.


Like any other kind of CBD, whether it’s ingested as capsules), inhaled, consumed as tasty edibles, or included in topical creams, CBD sparkling water is available in three main types:

  • Full-spectrum CBD, which contains all components of the hemp plant, including CBD and also plant compounds called terpenes and small traces of THC.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD, which contains all of the components with the exception of THC.
  • CBD isolates which only contain CBD.
  • We recommend you choose full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD products as the ingredients are shown to work in unison to make an additional effect, referred to as the “entourage effect.”


It may help with anxiety

This is a big benefit that’s believed attributable to CBD. Some government-funded and private research has discovered that CBD water shows promise in reducing stress and anxiety, possibly due to the way it interacts with brain receptors. Research indicates that CBD might also help lower cortisol levels by interacting with cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) found in the body and brain.

It may help recover from physical exertion

Other cannabinoids and CBD have long been linked with lowering inflammation, which is helpful for everyone, but it means CBD water could be even more beneficial for athletes, who often experience muscle soreness and dehydration.

CBD water may be heart healthy

There is some early evidence to indicate that ingesting CBD could help reduce blood pressure and enhance overall cardiovascular health. Though promising, more scientific research on humans is required to confirm such benefits. It may also relieve migraines. If you have other questions, contact your healthcare provider for more information.

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