National CBD Day

For decades, lovers of all things cannabis have regarded April 20th – 4/20 – as their high holiday. Regardless of your stance on marijuana, you’re likely familiar with the occasion, which has made its way into American popular culture and our country’s national discourse. This goes to show the diversity of subjects that our nation's holidays may recognize - and the increased awareness that tends to follow suit. While many beloved holidays have traditions spanning hundreds if not thousands of years, others are in their infancy and yet to gain the notoriety of occasions with deep historical roots. For example, as we mentioned on our Facebook page, August 8th marked the second annual National CBD Day. And yes, that’s a real thing.

The holidays that first come to mind for most of us – like Christmas, Halloween or the Fourth of July – received their status as nationally recognized holidays from the United States Congress. However, the government significantly slowed their holiday creation efforts two full centuries ago. Designating recognition and federal funding toward special occasions like National Kazoo Day or National Spicy Guacamole Day somehow didn’t make their list of top priorities. According to National Day Calendar founder Marlo Anderson, if the government is pitched ideas by impassioned aficionados of anything under the sun, they’re now redirected to his organization for consideration and potential approval.

The National Day Calendar is a private organization, independently declaring 1,500 National Days, Weeks and Months in the United States. On the website of the National Day Calendar, anyone can fill out a form explaining why their cause, company, or anything else they’re passionate about is worthy of annual recognition. Each form grants everyday citizens the chance to make a strong case for the consideration of their cause as holiday-worthy. With four to five National Holidays overlapping per day on average, it may seem as though celebratory status is dubbed without due consideration. However, Anderson emphasized that this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the past six and a half years since the company’s founding, only 200 new holidays have been created. That’s a high bar for approval, considering the organization’s reports of roughly 20,000 applications each year. A committee of just four employees reviews each application and makes determinations of their respective merit – “if they get unanimous approval,” says Anderson, “then it goes forward.”

The original request for CBD to be granted holiday status was submitted by CBDMD. The company also made a plea for a National Hemp Day – which the National Day Calendar’s committee also granted last year. The second annual National Hemp Day will occur on February 4th – though of course, we’d suggest you start shopping sooner.

The approval of both CBD and hemp speak to the increased public awareness and acceptance of both in recent years. Anderson shared his take on the matter, noting that he personally researched and contributed to the application’s approval. “Socially, its all becoming more accepted…so it was more about bringing about the awareness.”

Why do companies and everyday Americans seek out holiday approval? Anderson acknowledged that the desire for increased profit margins often plays a role. “Think of Hallmark. There is a reason we have a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: because they wanted to sell more cards. Donut Day was created by the Salvation Army around World War I. There are stories behind every one of them. Quite frankly, every national holiday is made up too. It just depends on whether they get the national designation or not.”

CBDMD was thrilled to join the select few applicants whose holiday requests were granted. The North Carolina company’s president, Caryn Dunayer, explained that this seemed like a fantastic way to get the word out about CBD to the mainstream American public, which she has found difficult to do via some social media platforms, citing lags behind the rate of legislative changes in the up-and-coming industry. Given some restrictions and delays in traditional modes of endorsement, Dunayer takes pride in the significant of this step forward in the realm of education alone. “We try to be as conservative as possible with claims and testimonials, and let real stories talk for themselves. We saw the value in how much creating a day like this could help the industry,” shares Dunayer. “And on the marketing side, selfishly, we can take a little credit.” Along with celebratory content and product promotion, the CBDMD website and social media profiles featured educational content in honor of the second annual holiday.

The National Day Calendar strives to give Americans find something to celebrate each and every day. Their founder reflects that while many applicants are motivated by potential profit, “it’s not always that way. Some of them are for the good of the world. With that said, if you’re going to celebrate a national day about something, you should celebrate with it.”

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