Blended daiquiri cocktail in glass with fruit garnish on ground beside outdoor pool

Our CBD drinks pair well with just about any occasion, from a poolside drink to something comforting to sip on when you’re feeling down.

Let’s take a little tour through some of our favorite activities to complement our CBD beverages!


Imagine: you have your blanket, fruit, cheese and crackers, and are surrounded by friends. Soft grass cushions you and the sun is beating down.

Now pair that with our CBD Sparkling Hibiscus Tea. Our magenta pride and joy, you will find that the tartness and floral flavors of this incredible CBD drink perfectly complements the beautiful nature surrounding you.

Sit back, relax, and drink summer in a can!

Next to the Pool

You’ve just gone for a dip and now it’s time to lounge. Well, nothing says poolside relaxation quite like iced tea and lemonade.

Bathe in the sun with our CBD Sparkling Lemon Iced Tea. You’ll get that taste of lemonade- a summertime classic- along with the deeper notes of black tea. Sweetened perfectly with organic agave nectar, it’s sure to make your tastebuds dance.

This may be our most refreshing CBD beverage because of its ingenious balance of iced tea and lemonade- creating the perfect drink for fun in the sun.

Date Night

Whether you have your eyes set on someone new or you’ve been in a relationship for years, our CBD Sparkling Black Cherry is sure to impress.

Maybe you’re out at a bar and want to surprise them with a special date-night drink, or perhaps you’re going on a walk in the park with your beloved. No matter what, this soda is sure to prove that you’re a good catch!

The punching black cherry flavor has a surprisingly full body and clean finish. While chit-chatting about your dreams, goals, and aspirations, sip on this drink together and bond over how delicious it is.


You’ve collected all your buddies, thrown some hot dogs on the grill, and are ready to have a great night. Maybe you’re tailgating, celebrating a birthday or graduation, or are just looking for some summer fun. No matter the reason, barbeques are always the answer.

Our CBD Sparkling Cola is a guaranteed way to bring your gathering to the next level with. It is both unique and familiar, shooting you back to your favorite childhood sodas while elevating the experience into adulthood.

Buy a 12 pack of this sparkling CBD soda and see for yourself why it’s a barbeque favorite!

Feeling Under the Weather

Caught a cold? Upset stomach? Something bothering you? Who doesn’t love ginger ale when they’re feeling down!

Drink some CBD Sparkling Ginger Ale to instantly soothe your woes. Ginger is known to be incredibly healing, and our natural ginger extract goes above and beyond.

Bunker down with some grounding, spicy ginger CBD sparkling soda. Use a straw under the covers while watching your favorite movie and let our CBD Sparkling Ginger Ale bring you the comforting taste you need!

Around the Bonfire

The stars are shining above you and the sparks of the fire are rising up to reach them. You’re making smores, your friend is strumming their guitar, and life is good.

The only thing that could make your night better is some CBD Sparkling Root Beer. With sassafras, vanilla, birch, and a touch of wintergreen, this is the perfect fire-side drink with its deep richness and complex flavors.

Say "cheers" to your buddies with this amazing twist on the classic root beer.


You’ve just had the best workout of your life. Sweat is pouring down your face, your muscles are feeling the burn, and you’re thirstier than ever.

Nothing will hit the spot post-workout quite like our CBD Sparkling Citrus Water. The lemon, lime, and mandarin orange will electrify you and leave you feeling on top of the world.

You can feel good about drinking this zero-sugar and zero-calorie drink. Pair it with your favorite power snack and you’re good to go!

Backyard Fun

You’re playing wiffle ball, corn hole, and badminton. You’ve got the perfect array of snacks, and everyone is having a good time. There’s no better way to bond with friends and family than getting outside and playing some games.

All that running around is bound to make you thirsty! And if you have a competitive streak, it will probably be helpful to have something to sip on.

CBD Sparkling Cola will bring your games alive with its delicious and familiar flavors. You’ll feel like a kid again sipping on some cola and running around in the yard. And the kids themselves will love it, too!

New Years

Our CBD Sparkling Assorted Sodas are the perfect addition to your New Year’s celebration!

Sample all of our different flavors with friends and family as you stay up late waiting for the New Year to strike.

Coming with two Watermelon, Colas, Roots Beers, Lemonades, Ginger Ales, and Black Cherry Sodas, there will be something for everybody when the ball drops.

Final Thoughts

Now that you've picked our brains, you should have some good ideas for what each of our drinks was designed to compliment.

But it doesn’t stop there! Maybe you want Root Beer at the barbeque, or Lemonade when you’re feeling sick. Our flavors are complex and versatile, so it’s impossible to box them into one purpose.

Harness the delicious taste of our drinks while you enjoy life to the fullest!

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