CBD Coffee

Fans of CBD have sung its praises and long enjoyed its many health benefits in a variety of forms including CBD soda, CBD water, CBD sparkling water, gummies, body lotions, bath bombs, CBD-infused chocolates and even hemp oils for their pets. One area where the CBD movement seems to have been a bit slow on the uptick however is coffee. And this is a bit surprising. So many people from all walks of life make coffee part of their morning routine you’d think that CBD coffee would be leading the cannabidiol way forward. But until now though, CBD java has been late out of the gate. However, recent evidence indicates that the CBD coffee gap may finally be on its way to being filled. And we at sparklingcbd.com say it’s about time.

Clearing up Confusion

It’s quite possible that the reason CBD coffee hasn’t taken off before now is that people are confused about the difference between CBD coffee, hemp-infused coffee and marijuana coffee. If that’s the case then it’s totally understandable because frankly, we get the 3 confused sometimes ourselves. So let’s set the record straight about the differences between these various beverages before we move on to a more general discussion of CBD coffee itself.

  • Marijuana Coffee - Marijuana coffee is infused with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in pot that produces the high. Because of this having a cup of marijuana coffee in the morning will likely send you to work with a pretty significant buzz. Especially if you make yourself a cup of marijuana espresso.

  • Hemp-infused Coffee - The hemp plant and the marijuana plant are both of the same species but hemp contains only a fraction of the THC you’ll find in weed. It does however contain CBD. So a cup of hemp-infused coffee in the morning will provide you with all of the health benefits of CBD along with a small amount of THC which may or may not produce a very mild buzz.

  • CBD Coffee - Pure CBD coffee has all of the cannabidiol benefits with zero THC. While marijuana coffee or even hemp-infused coffee could give you an unwanted buzz, CBD coffee has no psychoactive effects.

Keep in mind that the only way to be sure you’re not consuming THC that could get you high and/or show up on a work related drug test is to get pure CBD coffee. Always check the label carefully to ensure you’re not getting more than you bargained for. Now let’s take a closer look at CBD coffee itself.

How do They Make CBD Coffee?

Since cannabidiol is a chemical found in the marijuana plant it needs to be extracted before it can be infused into the coffee beans by the roaster. Once it has been properly isolated getting it into the coffee beans in a useful way that doesn’t compromise taste gets a bit tricky. The process requires getting the oils released by the beans during the roasting process to act as carriers for the CBD. It’s an exacting process that can take a roaster a long time to master. But the results are undeniable.

What are the Health Benefits of CBD Drinks Like This?

Because CBD coffee isn’t going to make you crazy high some folks wonder “what’s the point?” Well, the point is that CBD provides benefits far and above just giving you a short term buzz that will make “Everybody Loves Raymond” reruns seem funny. Those benefits include:

  • Pain relief - Some research suggests that CBD could effectively reduce both short and long term pain from injuries or various different ailments. So if you twisted your ankle while playing tennis recently, a bit of CBD coffee in the morning might help you start your day pain free.
  • Stress relief - While it doesn’t have the power to generate psychoactive effects like THC, CBD may nonetheless be able to elleviate the symptoms of anxiety, mild depression, stress and more. It’s also shown promise in the treatment of migraines, fibromyalgia and PMS.
  • Relief from chronic ailments - Many health professionals have claimed that CBD could help to alleviate the worst symptoms from chronic ailments such as epilepsy, diabetes and MS.

Best of all CBD coffee is said to provide its consumers with an overall sense of well-being and calm. In turn, this could help them to make clearer, better decisions in both their personal and business lives, and to sleep and feel better on a daily basis. And all without having to smoke a joint or carry around a vaporizer.

Are There Any Side Effects to CBD Beverages?

Everything has a downside right? Well, not really. It would be hard to find a downside to being independently wealthy for instance, and the same is true for CBD. Researchers have yet to attribute any consistent adverse effects to the use of CBD, in spite of millions of people using the compound for various reasons for years. With that said, additional research on the substance is still underway. Federal funding toward the research of CBD and its effects has increased in the recent past, much to the appreciation of professional advocates and personal users alike.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking to start your morning with less stress and face the day with a more upbeat attitude, some say that a cup of CBD coffee is the perfect place to start.

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