Eight Great Ideas for Repurposing Old CBD Soda Cans

Crushed red aluminum soda cans

With each passing year, the need to act in an environmentally responsible manner becomes more acute. That means making sure the home is properly insulated, using LED lights instead of incandescents, recycling whatever can be recycled and finding new and interesting ways to repurpose things, rather than just throwing them away.

As our full array of Sparkling CBD drinks have risen in popularity, all of us at Colorado's Best Drinks have become increasingly inspired to do our part. So we encourage our customers to recycle or repurpose our cans, as well as those of our competitors. Here are eight great ideas for repurposing old soda cans.

ONE: Turn them into pencil or pen holders

Lots of people are working from home these days. And while that's great it also raises the potentially thorny issue of maintaining a distance between work and home life. Other people who live with you don't want to feel like they have to walk on eggshells through the house, and they don't want to worry that they might move something of yours that you need for work. The answer? Organization. Pencil and pen holders fashioned from old soda cans not only help the outdoor environment, but help you maintain order and tranquility indoors as well.

TWO: Make beautiful candle holders

The people of Colorado love their candles. It's all part of how completely ingrained life here is to the great outdoors. Oftentimes though they wind up putting their candle directly onto the table or countertop and that can create both a messy cleanup and a potential fire hazard. You can avoid both of those potential problems with soda can candle holders. After you've finished one of our delicious Sparkling CBD beverages, break out the snips or razor knife and (carefully) get to work.

THREE: Create ashtrays

What a difference a few years makes. It wasn't that long ago that ashtrays were on their last legs as an increasing number of people kicked the cigarette habit once and for all. But with the recent legalization of recreational marijuana use the local cannabis industry has exploded and with it, the number of adults choosing to kick back with a bong or a doobie, rather than a drink. But all the new ashes have to go somewhere. So how about transforming some old soda cans into eco-friendly ashtrays?

FOUR: Create homemade lanterns

This is a somewhat fancier take on the “old can as candle holder” premise we covered above. Creating a homemade lantern from an old soda can will require a little more finesse but the end result is sure to get tongues wagging the next time you have guests over. All you'll need is a nice clean can, a razor knife with a sharp blade, work gloves and a steady hand. These add incredible atmosphere to the deck, yard or pool area during summer get-togethers.

FIVE: Lighten your heavy planters

Planters make a great addition to any property, expanding your landscaping possibilities without requiring you to create permanent features. But while planters are mobile in theory, in practice it's often a different story. A large planter full of dirt can be extremely heavy and many homeowners leave them in one place for years because they don't want to be bothered trying to move them. Enter old soda cans. Simply fill the bottom half of your planters with empty cans and reduce the overall weight of the planter by 50%.

SIX: Use empty Sparkling CBD Soda cans as seedling containers

There's no end to the ways you can repurpose old soda cans. In this instance, rather than placing dozens of empty cans in the bottom of planters, use the cans themselves as mini-planters to get your seedlings going. Keep them on an enclosed porch where they'll get light and warmth. This way you won't have to worry about birds eating the seeds before your flowers or veggies can get a foothold.

SEVEN: Engage in first-person recycling

Admittedly this option isn't for everyone, but if you have the ways and the means (i.e. a kiln and a crucible) you can melt down your empty Sparkling CBD water cans yourself and turn them into whatever fires your imagination. The kiln can be either gas, wood or electric and you'll also need heat-resistant gloves, high-performance tongs and, of course, molds to create the new objects from. You can create anything from artwork to your own custom ashtrays or even jewelry.

EIGHT: Make your own portable camping stove

Let's say you're taking a road trip and you brought your sleeping bags, tent, food and all the other things that make road trips great. You pull into a campground for the night only to discover that, while you remembered the fuel, you forgot your stove. No problem. All those soda cans that have accumulated in the car during the day as you made pit stops can be used to create a perfectly serviceable camping stove. Just cut the bottoms off of two cans, telescope them into one another and punch holes around the edge of one as you see in the photo. Then pour in your fuel, spark it up and you're ready to go. If you have extra cans you can use them to hold your pots.


There's no reason why Sparkling CBD soda cans need to end up in the trash. With a little imagination, you put them to use in ways that will enhance your quality of life while ticking all the environmentally friendly boxes.