PAMPER YOURSELF: Hemp Products for Pampering Yourself Tonight

Hair products, lotions and other beauty products on green surface


There’s no better start to a relaxing evening than lighting a favorite candle – especially one with a sweet and soothing aroma. Aromatherapy has been used ritualistically for centuries. This ancient practice taps into our sense of smell, which is the most primal of our five senses. Hemp-derived aromatherapy candles could be the perfect gift for anyone in your life who could use a little relaxation (even if that person is yourself).


After sipping your favorite flavor of sparkling CBD soda, it’s only natural to have bubbles on your mind. Throwing a fizzy bath bomb into a hot bath adds more bubbly goodness to your day. Sellers like Etsy and even Target now offer bath bombs infused with hemp extract, so you can rest easy with less chemicals and more natural goodness in store.


If you've ever been bored for enough to skim the side of your shampoo bottle, you've likely also shuddered at the long list of chemicals we massage into our scalps each morning. The hemp industry now includes a broad selection of natural, organic shampoos and conditioners. One Amazon sellerAmazon seller boasts that their hemp-infused shampoo may alleviate the burden of itchy scalps and benefit hair that's thinning or oily. Like our Sparkling CBD drinks, their product is organic, vegan-friendly and preservative-free.


While you’re soaking with your bath bomb full of CBD and broad spectrum hemp, and using shampoo rich with broad spectrum hemp extract – why not hold your body wash to the same standard? Hemp's incredibly high essential fatty acid (EFA) content is a major reason that its used in soaps and body washes - it helps hemp to be much gentler on skin. Dr. Bronner's castille soap is the most notorious brand to incorporate hemp extract into its products. Like our sparkling CBD sodas, Dr. Bronner’s castile soaps are Non-GMO, vegan and organic. They’ve made soaps for over 100 years, and their short ingredient list boasts just ten all-natural components. Bronner's soaps all make fantastic body wash. You could also drizzle a little into your tub as the water’s running for an all-natural bubble bath.


Humans have been weaving hemp to create clothing for more than a milennium. Thanks to the discovery of hemp as a textile fiber, members of early civilizations were able to toss their animal hide outerwear and luxuriate in clothing woven from hemp. Some mistakenly believe that hemp is always itchy and rough in texture. On the contrary, hemp is incredibly versatile - when woven well, it can be as soft as silk, or stronger than steel. Members of some early civilizations donned hemp robes as acceptable attire for special occasions and religious ceremonies. While robes aren’t generally considered formalwear in modern American culture, unwinding at home in a soft, thick hemp robe certainly sounds luxurious. Hemp robes are for sale from a number of sellers on Amazon and Etsy.


After your evening of pampering, you’ll certainly be ready for a night of quality sleep. Crawling into bed to the comfort of silky sheets is a far underrated luxury. Thankfully, hemp can be used to make sheets in a more eco-friendly way than cotton ones – without sacrificing your late-night comfort. Hemp fibers are more breathable than other textile alternatives - even cotton - and generally last much longer than cotton ones. Hemp plants also yield roughly triple the usable material of cotton plants per acre. You can rest assured that you’re supporting the use of this renewable resource – and hopefully working toward a mainstream precedent for the years ahead.


Little soothes the body and mind like quality lotion - and some popular lotions today offer the benefits of hemp. Fay Farms offers gentle, hemp-based lotion which absorbs quickly into the skin, designed to help improve moisture and reduce the effects of dryness.

Hemp can be used in an unimaginable scope of products, from sportscars to the simple luxuries above. And our carefully crafted beverages are yet another example of affordable hemp-derived indulgence. Our products all contain phytocannabinoid-rich, broad spectrum hemp extract. Better yet, all five flavors of hemp CBD water are delicious and refreshing at only 100 calories per can. PCR hemp extract is one of just five ingredients in sparkling CBD soda, and you’ll taste that sweet simplicity with every sip.