The Ideal Temperature for Storing Soda - and Why It Matters

Red and blue aluminum soda cans on refrigerator shelf

Whether you are opening a restaurant or bar, or you are just the kind of person who likes to buy in bulk you may, at some time, have contemplated the question: What’s the best temperature to store Sparkling CBD sodas at? After all, you don’t want to be serving your customers or guests flat, tasteless drinks. You want every can to last as long as possible and still have plenty of life when poured into the glass. So what’s the answer? What is the ideal temperature to store soda at, and why does it matter? Read on to find out.

To Refrigerate or Not to Refrigerate?

One thing we can eliminate right away is the idea that it’s okay to store unopened sodas anywhere you have room. That’s not going to work. If the temperature in a particular space is regularly above 75 Fahrenheit it won’t do for soda storage.

“But wait!” you say. “I saw a truck delivering soda on a 100-degree day and the truck wasn’t refrigerated. So obviously it’s okay to store soda in a hot place, right?” Wrong. Soda delivery trucks don’t have to be refrigerated because within a few hours of being loaded all the soda has been delivered. So it never spends very long being subjected to the heat.

Ideally, you would store soda in a cool, dry place where the temperature is as close to 40 Fahrenheit as possible. If you have a space that’s typically 50 or even 60 degrees, that will work too. In the best of all possible worlds, you would have a walk-in refrigerator where you can store lots of soda. In that case, it will likely last for years. But not too many restaurants or homes have walk-in refrigerators.

About Storing Soda Outside

If you live in a place where it’s always cool there’s no scientific reason you couldn’t store soda outside. As long as you don’t store it in direct sunlight. That said, you certainly shouldn’t store your soda outside during the summer months in a place like Colorado where it can get up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Besides causing the soda to lose its fizz and flavor, exposure to hot temperatures can cause the cans to burst as pressure builds up inside the can.

So now you know. The ideal temperature for storing soda is between 40 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The closer the temperature is to 40 the better. Storing soda in the fridge will provide optimal preservation of flavor and fizz, but if you have a lot of soda to store the fridge option may not be feasible.


Can you store Sparkling CBD soda in the garage?

That depends. If you are relatively certain the temperature in the garage is going to stay within the Goldilocks range of 40 - 75 Fahrenheit, then “yes”. But if your garage often gets insufferably hot or the temperature drops below freezing on a regular basis, then “no”. You can’t store soda in the garage.

At what temperature does a can of soda explode?

This is a question that has no definitive answer. Some swear that when the temperature gets above 100 Fahrenheit all cans of soda are in jeopardy. However, researchers have chimed in on the matter and they believe soda would need to exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit before a can would explode.

Can you drink soda that’s been sitting on a shelf for years?

Again, it depends. In theory, the shelf life of a carbonated beverage should be measured in years. But it will depend entirely on how you store it. As a general rule people in the soda industry state that, even if properly stored diet sodas will start losing their sparkle three months after the expiration date has passed and regular soda will start flattening out 9 months after it passes the expiration date. Exposure to heat will greatly reduce both times.

Does CBD Sparkling Soda need to be refrigerated?

Like any other type of soda, beverages from Colorado's Best Drinks will be at their best and will last for the longest possible time if they are stored in a refrigerator. But, also like other brands of soda, our drinks can be stored for quite a while if they are kept in a cool place whose temperature does not exceed 75 degrees.

Does soda go bad if it goes from hot to cold?

If the room you were storing your soda in gets too hot (say, 90 degrees Fahrenheit) and then you take the hot soda and put it in the fridge it should be okay. As long as it was not exposed to the extreme heat for days or weeks at a time.

Does soda go bad if it’s too hot and you shake it up?

Exposing our soda (or any carbonated beverage for that matter) to extreme heat for a prolonged period of time can cause it to lose flavor and fizziness. Shaking it up does not by itself ruin the soda, but what it does is increase the number of bubbles inside the can. When you open the can those bubbles expand in size causing the soda to explode out the top and releasing a lot of carbon dioxide gas. This causes the soda to go flat quicker.

Why is it important to keep soda cold?

Carbon dioxide is the source of carbonation, the process which infuses the beverage with fizziness. As carbon dioxide escapes, the soda becomes less and less fizzy until it eventually goes flat. Keeping soda cold slows down the rate at which the all-important carbon dioxide escapes from the can thereby keeping it fizzy for longer.

For Refreshment That Won’t Let You Down, Try Sparkling CBD Soda

Making sure you store your soda in a cool place out of direct sunlight is the best way to ensure it will retain its flavor and life for the longest possible time. And if you’re ready for soda that also happens to have an environmental conscience try our all-natural, vegan Sparkling CBD beverages.