Making the Perfect CBD Moscow Mule: A Few Tips

Moscow Mule drink with lime slice in copper mug on wooden bar countertop

If you don’t venture out to bars or clubs much you may not have heard of the Moscow Mule. Or maybe you did and were left wondering what mules and the Russian capital have in common. Not much, as it turns out because the Moscow Mule is not a beast of burden consigned to a life of toil on the Russian steppe, but instead a cocktail phenomenon born and bred in the USA. Below we’re going to provide a bit of background for the uninitiated and then lean into the best way to make Moscow Mule CBD beverages.


The Moscow Mule was not the result of a brainstorming session in a corporate office or a lone inventor toiling for years in his basement. Instead, it came about almost accidentally. It was 1941 and vodka sales weren’t exactly booming in the US. That was bad news for a guy named John G. Martin because he owned the US rights to Smirnoff Vodka.

Legend has it that one day he was moping around in the Cock ‘n’ Bull Tavern in Los Angeles bemoaning the fact that nobody wanted to buy his vodka. The owner of the Cock ‘n’ Bull, a mister Jack Morgan, happened to be there and got to talking with Martin. He told him that he too was trying to market a product nobody seemed to want: ginger beer.

Lightbulbs allegedly went off (over whose head exactly is open to debate) and the idea was born to combine Martin's vodka with Morgan's ginger beer. After some trial and error, they decided to add a slice of lemon for good measure and the Moscow Mule was born. "Moscow" for the vodka, and "Mule" for the kick the drink delivered.

Enter the Copper Mug

The two still needed a marketing hook, though, and wouldn’t you know it, there was a third person in the bar who provided it. This gentleman, whose name is lost to cocktail history, had a business producing and selling copper mugs. He had overheard Martin and Morgan talking and suggested that placing their new cocktail in his copper mugs would make it a complete cocktail experience, much like the martini with its martini glass. The two were sold on the idea and the rest is history.

One of the best things about the Mule is its versatility. Today there are dozens of national and regional variations along with scores of variations that have nothing to do with geography or politics. One of the most popular emerging variations is the CBD Moscow Mule. Of all the CBD beverages out there this one has a unique place in the pantheon of mixology. Let’s look and see how it’s made.

Making Moscow Mule CBD Drinks

Before we get into the details of this most compelling of CBD drinks we need to make one thing clear. In the eyes of the vast majority of Mule purists, there is no Moscow Mule cocktail without the copper mug. That might seem silly but think about it in relation to other drinks. For instance, would you drink a 1787 Chateau Lafite served in a paper cup? Or a martini served in a coffee mug? Or a margarita served in a pilsner glass? Of course not. You’d expect the proper glass for each. And it’s that way with the Moscow Mule too. There are lots of places online that sell copper Moscow Mule mugs - so, for the genuine Mule experience, cough up a few ducats for a few of your own.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at that CBD Moscow Mule recipe.

Our Foolproof CBD Moscow Mule Recipe

First off, here is what you’ll need to make your CBD Mule:


The following ingredients make one Moscow Mule. Extrapolate out for the number you need.

  • 2 oz vodka of your choice
  • 4-6 oz ginger beer
  • 1/2 oz lime juice
  • 1/2 a dropper of CBD oil of our choice
  • Slice of lime (lemon will do in a pinch)

Now that you have the necessary ingredients (along with the all-important copper cups), let’s put it all together.


  • Pour the vodka into your copper cup
  • Add the lime juice and ice cubes
  • Add chilled ginger beer
  • Add the CBD
  • Stir gently.
  • Garnish and serve

There are CBD drinks and then there’s the CBD Moscow Mule. This compelling variation on the iconic cocktail will have your guest clamoring for more, while at the same time endowing them with some of the benefits related to CBD itself. Let’s look at some of those benefits now.

CBD Drinks May Alleviate Some Side Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol is a toxin (hence the term “inTOXICated”). This is why people tend to feel like they’ve been hit by a truck if they drink too much. They’ve poisoned themselves and they’re feeling the effects. Studies have suggested that CBD could alleviate some of the side effects of alcohol intoxication.

CBD Can Help Relieve Anxiety

The CBD in your Moscow Mule could help to relieve anxiety. So not only is the CBD Moscow Mule a great way to relax with guests, it may also help you feel less anxious in general. Not bad for a humble cocktail.

CBD May Help Alleviate Depression

No one is saying a CBD Moscow Mule is effective therapy for clinical depression, but studies suggest CBD itself may help alleviate depressing feelings, or feelings related to excessive stress. It's believed CBD does this by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.

CBD Could Help You Sleep Better

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that CBD oil may help people with various sleep disorders, so it’s not an outrageous leap to think the CBD beverages might help you rest a little easier, too.