Preparing a Cocktail? Avoid These Ten Common Mistakes

Bartended blending three cocktails fruity cocktails at wooden bar beside whiskey bottle

A refreshing cocktail made with Sparkling CBD Soda is a thing of beauty. But not everyone has mastered the art of the cocktail to the point where they can create great ones each and every time. Usually, when someone's mixed drink does not live up to expectations it's because they've made one of the following errors.

#1: Trying To Eyeball Ingredient Amounts

If you want to make sure your cocktail is everything it could be, take out a shot glass or a jigger and measure the ingredients properly. Just a slight discrepancy in one ingredient or another can send the taste experience off in a different direction. Is there a chance it might be a tasty direction? Sure. But it might not. And more importantly, it won’t be the drink you were trying to make.

#2: Using The Wrong Ice

How can ice be right or wrong? It’s ice! From a strictly physical perspective that’s true. But ask yourself this: would you rather drink tap water or spring water from a bottle? We thought so. The type of water you use determines the quality of the ice you make. If you want the ice to stay out of the way of the drink, use bottled water, or boil your tap water before freezing it. Also, make sure your ice cube trays are clean.

#3: Don’t Ignore The Presentation

A great cocktail is an experience. Not just a taste experience, but an olfactory experience and a visual experience. Everything from the glass to the garnish and the sparkling CBD soda you use in your cocktails has an impact on the experience. Dumping a few ice cube fragments into a water glass and adding discount ingredients may result in a drink of some sort. But it won't be the cocktail you're trying to make.

#4: Buying Simple Syrup

Businesses are all about cutting costs, so when you buy simple syrup at the store you can be pretty sure you’re getting a watered-down version of it. Just make your own simple syrup instead. It’s incredibly easy to do. Just mix equal parts water and sugar, bring the mix to a boil and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved, then let the mixture sit and cool a bit before pouring it into a covered jar and storing it in the fridge.

#5: Making a Chilled Cocktail with Lukewarm Sodas

If you’re using one of our sparkling CBD beverages to make a cocktail make sure it’s cold. Trying to create a refreshing chilled cocktail with carbonated beverages that have been stored at room temperatures will have a negative impact on the flavor. Either the person will drink it before the carbonated mixer has had a chance to cool down, or half the ice will have melted by the time the mixer cools, diluting the taste of the drink.

#6: Shaking Spirit-Based Cocktails

Spirit-based cocktails such as those made with gin, rum, vodka and whiskey should never be shaken because shaking can disrupt the spirit’s integrity. And besides, because they are naturally dense all you need to do is give them a gentle stir to create a homogeneous taste and preserve the texture of the spirit, which is an integral part of the cocktail experience.

#7: Using The Wrong Glass

Or mug for that matter. Most classic cocktails have a particular glass they should always be served in. The glass not only adds to the presentation (part of that all-important cocktail experience), it also influences the way the drink breathes, how quickly the ice (if any) melts and more. If you’re serious about making great cocktails make sure you have a selection of cocktail glasses on hand. Oh, and that includes copper mugs for those who want the increasingly popular Moscow Mule or one of its variations.

#8: Use Quality Mixers

Above we touched on the importance of using chilled mixers. But it’s just as important that you use high-quality mixers if you want your cocktails to soar. Sparkling CBD drinks are the perfect complement to your other quality ingredients and put the finishing touches on your cocktails. Always make sure you have plenty of Sparkling CBD soda in your refrigerator before a big party.

#9: Overdoing It with the Bitters

A lot of popular cocktail recipes call for bitters. But bitters aren’t candy or some type of harmless garnish. They’re potent, concentrated tinctures that can easily overwhelm a drink if you’re not careful. Most recipes that include bitters use phrases like “dash” and “drops” for a good reason. If you put more than a couple of drops or a dash in your drink your guests will be leaving them unfinished on tables around the house.

#10: Leaving Vermouth on the Counter or In the Cabinet

A lot of novice mixologists are under the impression that vermouth can be stored just about anywhere and they leave it on the counter or in the cabinet with the whiskey and gin. Mistake! Vermouth is a kind of fortified wine flavored with various botanicals. It will go bad quickly if you don’t store it in the fridge. Even if you do keep it cool don’t expect it to keep for more than a couple of months.


Making a great cocktail takes practice and knowledge and it’s important to know what mistakes to avoid. If you’ve got a big get-together coming up make sure you stock up on plenty of CBD beverages. And don’t forget to keep them cold.