Six Tips to Help You Make Better CBD Cocktails

Mixed drinks in martini glasses lined on wooden bar

There is plenty to celebrate this year and with the summer season now in full swing, it's time to get the deck, patio, pool, and lawn ready to make up for last year's lost summer. If you're having guests over you'll need to serve cocktails. But this year, not any old cocktails will do. This year we want something special. Something that’s delicious, refreshing and healthy. That means CBD cocktails. Making perfect CBD drinks involves more than adding a couple of drops of CBD to your bloody Mary or margarita. So below we’re going to provide some helpful tips on how to elevate the quality of your CBD cocktails.

A Word of Caution About CBD Drinks

Because we’re responsible types, we are going to preface our look at creating ideal CBD cocktails with a word of warning. While it is not common, there is the possibility that CBD can produce negative interactions with some medications. In particular, blood thinners, heart medications, thyroid meds, and several types of anti-seizure medication.

Therefore you should never - never - serve CBD cocktails without first informing people what they will be drinking. You never know who might be taking what medication and though the chances are remote, you don’t want your world-class BBQ to take an ugly turn. So always give a heads up to everyone to give them a chance to opt-out. Got it? Good. Let's proceed.

Tip One: Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

You can’t build anything without the right tools, and that goes for CBD cocktails too. Before your guests start to arrive make sure that your cocktail toolbox is properly equipped. At minimum that means having a cocktail shaker, a bar spoon, a lemon or lime squeezer, a strainer, a muddler, and a jigger to make sure you get your quantities right.

Tip Two: Never Underestimate the Importance of Mixers

A cocktail is only as good as the mixers you use. Don’t mess around with generic colas and tonic waters. Instead, make sure you stock up on CBD sparkling water, sparkling CBD soda, and other CBD beverages by Colorado’s Best Drinks. You’ll find they have everything you need including ginger ale, cola, and more, and they're all infused with broad spectrum, high-quality hemp-derived CBD extract. They're also vegan, gluten-free, sodium-free and free of preservatives and GMOs.

Tip Three: Use Quality CBD

This one should go without saying but we’re going to say it anyway. CBD tinctures cover the entire quality spectrum from high-quality, high-potency, high-purity products that shine a favorable light on the entire industry, to low-potency, low-purity extracts that frankly aren’t worth the money. To ensure you’re serving your guests the best possible CBD cocktails, you’ll need more than the best CBD sparkling soda. You’ll need high-quality CBD tinctures too.

Tip Four: Stock Some Basic Liqueurs

Unless you plan on only serving CBD Mules and CBD martinis you should make sure to have some liqueurs on hand. For instance, you’ll have a hard time making a Margarita or a Long Island Iced Tea without Triple Sec, or a Singapore Sling without Cherry Brandy Liqueur. You don’t need to get too exotic. Just make sure you have a few staples on hand just in case.

Tip Five: Have Plenty of Fresh Fruit on Hand

If you’re scrounging through the bottom drawer of the refrigerator looking for long-forgotten fruits to add to your CBD cocktails, you’ve lost before the race has started. The last thing you want is to be serving CBD cocktails with a shriveled, tasteless piece of lime clinging to the edge pleading to be put out of its misery. Stock up on plenty of plump, juicy, fresh, ripe fruits beforehand and your cocktails will take off the way they should.

Tip Six: Use High-Quality Juices

If you really want to make better CBD cocktails you’ll need to make sure all the ingredients are up to the task. And that means your fruit juices as well. The most popular cocktail juices are orange, pineapple and cranberry juice. But having those 3 on hand is not enough. They need to be quality juices. If you use high-quality juice your cocktails have a chance to soar. If you use cheap, flavorless juice, don't be surprised if your guest takes a polite sip before heading for the keg.

A Few Final CBD Beverage Tips

If you take the above tips to heart your CBD drinks will be the talk of the town. However, keep a few other things in mind as well. For instance, don’t be the host who runs out of ice halfway through the BBQ. Have sugar syrup on hand to put the icing on those sweet cocktails. If you plan on serving CBD Moscow Mules make sure to buy some copper cups. And if you aspire to create more sophisticated cocktails make sure you have some bitters or spices at the ready.

Cheers to CBD Drinks!

Millions of people rely on CBD every day to help them sleep better, relieve the pain of arthritis, treat migraines, alleviate anxiety, reduce muscle soreness after workouts and more. It’s a simple, effective way to enhance your overall wellbeing without being burdened by side effects or having to obtain a prescription.

If you are gearing up for a big get-together this coming weekend CBD-infused cocktails will put an unforgettable spin on your soiree. By taking the above tips to heart you can be sure your CBD drinks will be the healthy hit of the BBQ season.