Five Creative Uses of Soda in Artwork

Giant fish statues made with plastic bottles on beach in Rio de Janeiro

Over the centuries artists have leveraged a multitude of cultural touchstones either as inspiration or as subjects of their work. This habit continues to this day with a surprising number of creative individuals employing soda and various related items in their paintings or installations. In this post, the CBD Beverage Blog team provides five examples of soda in art.

ONE: Andy Warhol - Green Coke Bottles

Warhol was a big fan of the democratizing ability of consumer products. As an homage to one of those consumer products, he painted his now iconic picture Green Coke Bottles in 1962. Fast forward several decades when Green Coke Bottle would come up for auction at Sotheby's and fetch a cool and refreshing $57.3 million. If Warhol were alive today, we'd like to think he'd find plenty of inspiration in our Sparkling CBD Soda.

TWO: Georges Braque - Soda

Braque is not as well-known as his contemporary Picasso, but he played an essential role in the development of cubism, that revolution in painting whose ramifications are felt to this day. One of Braque's seminal cubist works is called simply Soda and was painted in 1912. In the painting, Braque is depicting a glass of soda water served up in a Parisian cafe. The painting hangs today in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

THREE: Plastic Bottle Fish

In 2012 the city of Rio de Janeiro commissioned a group of local artists to create a beach sculpture that would draw attention to the issue of plastic waste in the oceans. The result was Plastic Bottle Fish, a gigantic piece depicting two fish made entirely of plastic bottles and lit from the inside at night. The sculpture was one of the highlights of the UN's Rio+20 Conference on sustainable development.

FOUR: Yankees Go Home

In 1970, Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles saw his government as being a puppet of the US. To voice his displeasure he decided to use full bottles of Coke as his delivery vector for a project he dubbed Yankess Go Home. He bought hundreds of bottles, took them back to his studio, modified the labels with anti-American slogans, and then placed the bottles back on store shelves where they were bought by unsuspecting consumers.

FIVE: The Real Thing

Staying with the Coca-Cola theme German artist Helmut Smits created an installation in 1969 that he called The Real Thing after the popular Coke marketing slogan at the time. His take, however, was intended to point out that water was the real thing and used a full Coke bottle whose contents were gradually removed and "cleansed" of the non-water ingredients.

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