Ten of the World's Most Unusual Soda Flavors

Ten of the World's Most Unusual Soda Flavors

We get compliments all the time about the variety and quality of our CBD beverages and the unique and compelling flavors we offer. But when it comes to selecting flavors for Sparking CBD Soda we try to stick with those that, at the very least, won’t turn people off. The same can’t be said of every soft drink maker in the world. Some of them go out of their way to offer flavors most people wouldn’t touch on a bet. The following are ten of the world’s most unique soda flavors.

1: White Fungus Bird’s Nest

Produced in Vietnam by a company called Wonderfarm this soda provides all the yummy, thirst-quenching goodness of bird saliva in cans and bottles. The soda comes complete with fungus floating on the surface. Hmm… bird saliva fungus…

2: Meat Maniac Bacon Soda

If you’re like most people you stare into the fridge at the convenience store and think “Why isn’t there any bacon soda?” Well now there is! Meat Maniac Bacon Soda is produced in Dallas where they know a thing or two about cattle and meat products.

3: Curry Soda

Curry Soda comes to us via the good folks at Ramune in Japan. Ramune offers an entire line of off-the-beaten-track flavors including Kimchi and Wasabi. We chose their Curry Soda because this is allegedly the easiest on the taste buds.

4: Tamarind Soda

Jarritos Tamarind Soda might seem like a niche product to us yanks, but in Mexico, it's quite popular. Most people who've tried it say it tastes a little like carbonated iced tea. It's certainly one of the less objectionable soda flavors on our list.

5: Mauby Fizz Tree Bark Soda

The “Mauby” in the name is not the manufacturer, but rather the name of the tree whose bark is used to flavor this soft drink that has a large fan base in Trinidad and Tobago. The bark is boiled and mixed with herbs and spices. The closest CBD soda equivalent might be our root beer.

6: Turkey and Gravy Soda

If you slept through Thanksgiving, fear not! Now you can enjoy some of the flavors of the holiday with Turkey and Gravy Soda from the Jones Soda Company. Now if they’d just come up with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce soda we’d be all set.

7: Fanta Banana Yogurt Soda

The only place you can pick up a can of this particular beverage is in Japan, where it’s said to have a dedicated customer base. Those who’ve had it say it gives off a heavy banana scent and has a creamy taste with a lot of fizz.

8: Prickly Pear Soda

The Rocky Mountain Soda Company right here in Colorado is responsible for this tasty treat. Prickly pears are the fruit of the cactus plant and taste like a little like strawberry and melon. As to why there is a porcupine on the can and not a cactus we can’t really say.

9: Dandelion and Burdock

This soda is produced by Fentimans Botanical Brewery in Northumbria UK and is made from fermented dandelion and burdock. The company has been producing this one-of-a-kind soda for more than 100 years, which speaks to its popularity among the British public.

10: Placenta Soda

You read that right. In Japan, some folks are convinced that soda made from afterbirth has unrivaled health benefits. We're not sure how to approach this one. So, suffice to say that Placenta 400000 is produced by Nihon Sofuken and has quite a large customer base. And for the record, we will not be producing a placenta CBD Sparkling Soda any time soon.

Leave the Everyday Behind With Sparkling CBD Sodas

Taste is subjective. We get that. And we wish nothing but good luck to all the brands and soda flavors mentioned above. But if you’re a fan of good old-fashioned refreshment, with a clean, crisp taste that won’t challenge your moral compass, try our Sparkling CBD Soda flavors today.