How to Turn Your Favorite Sodas Into Slushies

Blue slushie with white flower garnish on white table

With the hot weather right around the corner, everyone's looking for cool and refreshing ways to impress family members and holiday guests this year. Sure you could (and by all means should) serve plenty of ice-cold beer and CBD Sparkling Soda. But what really makes one get-together stand out from the others is when you trot out a surprise no one is expecting. In this case, we're talking slushies! A slushy, in case you don't know, is a flavored drink traditionally made with crushed ice and some type of flavored syrup, although in this post we're going to look at an alternative way to create this summer favorite.

The good news is that making your own slushy drinks does not require any special equipment. Just a freezer, a can of Sparkling CBD soda, and some chilled freezer-safe mason jars. Why mason jars? Because they’re freezer safe and they provide outstanding visual panache when your slushy is served in one.

That said, let’s get to it.

Make Summertime Slushies with Our Delicious CBD Soda

Turning a can of our Sparkling CBD soda into a slushy your guests will remember is a simple and straightforward process. All it requires is that you think outside the soda box for a minute. And remember you can do this for as many guests as you like. Here are the seven steps to simple slushies.

1: Start with a room temperature can of CBD Soda

After you receive your shipment from us, determine how many slushies you plan to make and what flavors you plan to use, and put those cans aside (away from direct sunlight or extreme heat) until the big day.

2: On the big day, shake the can of soda aggressively to increase the pressure inside

The increased pressure inside the can will prevent the soda from freezing even as its temperature drops below the freezing point. This is the key to creating a successful slushy.

3: Place the shaken-up soda or sodas into the freezer

It’s important that they not be placed on top of other items as this will cause them to cool unevenly. Leave the can or cans in the freezer for two hours. After that, begin checking on them regularly to make sure they haven’t exploded. (If you forget about them they’ll likely explode after about four hours.)

4: Place some mason jars in the freezer

After the soda has been chilling for two hours, place some mason jars in the freezer with the soda or sodas.

5: Remove a soda and a mason jar from the freezer

After about three hours take one can at a time out of the freezer. Slowly - repeat slowly - pop the tab on the can. This is where you may need to practice a little because if you pop the tab too quickly the soda may turn to slush inside the can and become devilishly difficult to remove. So, go very slowly.

6: Pour the contents into the chilled mason jar

Wait until you’re ready to pour the soda before you remove the mason jar from the freezer so that it doesn’t have a chance to warm up. Now pour the soda into the chilled mason jar. As you pour the liquid soda into the cold jar it will turn into a delicious, icy slush.

7: Serve

Place a straw into the slush, add a lemon slice or whatever other garnish you want, and serve!

An Alternative Method

If you don’t have room in your freezer for both multiple cans of CBD Sparkling Soda AND a bunch of mason jars, don’t worry. There’s a simple hack that will let you get around the problem.

Go through the process of cooling the soda in the freezer as described above but don't bother putting the mason jars in there. Instead, make a tray or two of ice the night before.

When you remove the soda from the freezer after three hours (and SLOWLY open the tab), pour the liquid, supercooled soda into the unchilled mason jar and then drop a single ice cube into the soda. As soon as the ice cube hits the soda ice crystals will form and quickly turn the entire mason jar into a dream slushy, waiting to be enjoyed.

Stock up on Sparkling CBD Soda Today

Don't wait until the summer holidays are on top of you to stock up on some of our delicious and refreshing CBD soda. Cola, Black Cherry, Root Beer, and Watermelon all make for amazing slushies that will produce smiles all around.