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Colorado’s Best Drinks is proud to offer five delicious and carefully-crafted sparkling soda flavors – Lemonade, Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Cola and Black Cherry. With just 100 calories and five natural ingredients per BPA-free can, you can’t go wrong with any of our gluten-free and vegan-friendly sparkling soda blends. While we believe that our products are the best on the market today, they certainly weren’t the first sodas to hit the scene or to be loved by the American public. In fact, popular soda flavors have dominated the beverage industry in our nation and beyond for more than a hundred years. Today’s Beverage Blog guide explores some interesting trivia about soda’s evolution to the forms we love today and the bubbly beverage’s role in society at large.

  1. Sodas were given the name “soft drinks” to distinguish them from “hard drinks,” a common term for beverages containing alcohol.
  2. The name “soda” was originally derived from the word “sodium,” which was a common component found in natural spring water.
  3. Countries in the United Kingdom have their own phrases for the drink Americans know as soda. Many of the beverage’s fans in Ireland refer to them as “minerals,” while they’re widely known in England as “fizzy drinks.”
  4. Soda is frequently called “pop” throughout many regions of the United States and Canada. The nickname “pop” was first used for soda in the year 1812, as a reference to the loud and distinctive sound produced by opening a bottle.
  5. Soda fountain workers were commonly referred to as “soda jerks.” Contrary to what we may assume from the modern-day insulting connotations, this had nothing to do with any faults in their characters or less-than-friendly attitudes. The nickname refers to the repeated jerking motion needed to pump soda water into customers’ glasses.
  6. Studies have suggested that United States residents drink an average of fifty gallons of soda per person each year.
  7. Virtually every soda flavor you love today originated in a pharmacy near the start of the 20th century. Sodas of that time were routinely flavored with a range of natural components such as dandelion, birch bark, ginger and lemon, and occasionally extracts of the coca plant. In an era prior to strict labelling regulations from the Food and Drug Administration, fantastic claims were often made by each variety’s original creator. Early batches of popular soda flavors were once toted as cure-alls for common ailments like scurvy, stomach aches, anxiety, alcoholism, opiate addiction and even impotence.
  8. William Painter revolutionized the soda industry in 1891 with his invention of the crown cap. This allowed for soda to be safely bottled and shelved beyond the confines of a soda fountain. From that point forward, soda-lovers had the freedom to enjoy their favorite flavors at home whenever they pleased without sacrificing freshness or soda’s coveted carbonation.
  9. In 1899, another invention made soda more accessible than ever. The newly-developed automatic glass blowing machine made soda production much more affordable and efficient, allowing sellers to dramatically lower their prices and still make a decent profit. This made soda accessible to a much broader range of customers, ultimately leading to a serious spike in soda’s commercial success.
  10. Studies have shown that glass bottles preserve soda’s carbonation much more effectively than plastic ones. As such, sodas bottled in plastic have a significantly shorter shelf life than those bottled in glass.

Here's to Soda and Sparkling CBD Water!

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While many of us are currently spending our days indoors to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, there’s no need for social distancing to stop you from enjoying sweet and satisfying sodas and sparkling water products. Visit our Sparkling Shop to order a twelve-pack or a forty-eight pack of Sparkling CBD Citrus Water, Hibiscus Water or our other delicious products today. We'll bring a case to your doorstep- ready to savor straight from the can or blend into specialty cocktail and mocktail recipes. All five flavors of our sparkling CBD sodas (and our two flavored Sparkling CBD water options) are delicious and refreshing. Our products all contain phytocannabinoid-rich, broad spectrum hemp extract. Better yet, each sparkling CBD beverage flavor is vegan, non-GMO, and free of gluten, sodium, and preservatives. PCR hemp extract is one of just five ingredients in every can of Colorado's Best Drinks, and you’ll taste that sweet simplicity with every sip.

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