Health Benefits That Have Been Linked to Ginger

Yellow saucer holding white teacup and ginger root

Ginger is a favorite flavor for many. It's great in chai tea, stir-fries, salads- and sparkling CBD sodas!

We only make CBD drinks using the finest ingredients. If it’s not of the highest quality, we want nothing to do with it! And ginger is a special plant that we knew we had to work with.

Our CBD Ginger Ale is perfect for when you want a familiar, refreshing drink. It’s also a comfort when you’re sick. Most of us grew up drinking Ginger Ale when we had upset tummies.

Let’s talk about this magnificent plant and its fantastic health benefits!

About ginger

Ginger has been used forever for both its taste and medicinal properties. It can be used fresh or dried to cook with or make tea. Some people take supplements of ginger.

Ginger root is from Zingiber officinale and has been utilized in Indian and Chinese medicine since ancient times.

Now we use it in our sparkling CBD soda!

Digestive health

Many studies have looked into how ginger affects the gasses that are created during digestion. Research shows that ginger’s enzymes help to break up and get rid of the gas which helps relieve discomfort.

There is also research that supports ginger’s ability to increase movement in the digestive tract and can help with constipation.

It may also help the digestive process in the small intestine.

CBD sparkling soda is something lots of people turn to when they have an upset stomach.

Nausea relief

Ginger has the ability to ease morning sickness and help with nausea caused by cancer treatment.

Immune system support

Lots of people use ginger to help them recover from the flu or a cold.

In a 2013 study, researchers looked at how fresh vs dried ginger affected a respiratory virus. Fresh ginger was found to potentially help protect our respiratory system, but dried ginger didn’t have an impact.

Consuming ginger daily has the potential to support our immune systems. This can prevent chronic diseases and help us recover from illnesses like the flu or a cold.

Further research is needed to confirm ginger’s immune system boost. But if a cold has got you down, CBD beverages can provide some comfort.

Inflammation reduction

It’s been found that taking ginger is safe and moderately effective to treat osteoarthritis inflammation. But the studies analyzed were pretty small.

There are other reviews that show ginger’s phytochemical properties might be able to fight inflammation.

Pain relief

Ginger might be able to provide pain relief through analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects due to its gingerol compounds.

One review showed that ginger might help ease pain before and during periods. But the studies reviewed were mostly small or had some issues.

More research is needed, but ginger's pain-relieving qualities could prove to be incredibly beneficial.

If you’re not feeling well, CBD drinks are a great way to cheer you up.

Improved cardiovascular health

Some evidence shows that ginger extract might prevent cardiovascular diseases.

A study from 2017 found that consuming ginger daily might protect against lots of chronic conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Fatty liver disease
  • Cerebrovascular disease
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Coronary heart disease

While ginger might be able to be a preventative therapy, it’s unclear if it can help with treatment.

But a promising 2016 study discovered that ginger extract reduced the frequency of heart abnormalities that took place in diabetic rats. The authors theorized that the antioxidants in the extract may have partially caused the reduction.

Working out also improves cardiovascular health, and what’s a better post-workout refreshment than one of our delicious CBD drinks?

Lowered cancer risk

While ginger doesn’t have nutrients or protein, it’s loaded full of antioxidants. There is plenty of research showing that ginger can reduce lots of kinds of oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is when an excess of free radicals get built up in your body. Free radicals are toxic and can damage your cells. Oxidative stress can cause anything ranging from cancer to chronic inflammation to heart attack to rheumatoid arthritis. Eating antioxidants can help your body rid itself of these free radicals.

A review from 2015 showed that ginger might be able to protect against some gastrointestinal cancers like liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, and colorectal cancer.

Dosage and nutrition

Ginger doesn’t have many calories, minerals, or vitamins. However, it’s an excellent source of antioxidants.

Two teaspoons of ginger has four calories and no meaningful amount of nutrients. Meanwhile, our sparkling water CBD drinks have no calories!

The majority of research conducted on ginger has evaluated dosages between 250mg and 1g, taken anywhere from one to four times per day.

The FDA says that ginger is generally safe and it’s approved to be taken up to 4g per day.

Final thoughts

Ginger is a truly powerful plant that should be part of everyone’s wellness routine. Whether you throw it in your food or take it as a capsule, you’re sure to benefit from its usage!

And CBD Ginger Ale is a dream come true. Both CBD and ginger are on the rise, so why not pair the two?

Inspired by all the amazing health benefits of ginger, we tried to encapsulate its essence in a soda. You’ll fall in love with our Ginger Ale at first sip. It’s one of our finest creations and a huge fan favorite.

Now you have some fun facts about ginger. Who knew such a common ingredient had such a good track record?