Our Favorite Ideas for CBD Cocktail Garnishes

Butane torch blazing lime wedge garnish on CBD cocktail with ice

If you’re a painter you know the importance of adding the highlights before you declare the painting finished. If you are a chef you know the importance of garnishing your culinary creation. Likewise, if you hope to make cocktails people will remember a proper presentation is everything. And that often means getting creative with the garnish. The team at Sparkling CBD soda is here to crack open your brain and plant the following cocktail garnish ideas firmly into your gray matter where they will revolutionize how you think about mixed drinks.

Adding the following garnishes to your blended CBD beverages will get tongues wagging and secure your place in the pantheon of notable partyologists.

CBD Drink Garnish #1: Dry Ice

Dry ice comes with a plethora of cautionary notes but if you can pull it off your guests will never look at you the same. Using dry ice creates an otherworldly effect that makes it an ideal garnish for Halloween parties. It can be purchased from many grocery stores, or if your local market doesn’t have it, you can get it online without much fuss. And remember to purchase the dry ice or have it delivered right before your party because it will evaporate pretty quickly.

CAUTION: Don’t touch the dry ice with your lips, pick it up with your bare hands, store it in an air-tight container or toss any leftover in the sink.

CBD Drink Garnish #2: The Flaming Lime Shell

This is another crowd-pleaser that's going to bring your zombies (the drink, not the undead) to life. A popular feature at tropical themed parties the flaming lime shell adds a hint of excitement and visual pizazz along with just a touch of danger to the proceedings. All you need to make this happen is a spent lime, some 151 rum, a piece of hard, crusty bread, and a butane lighter. Insert a cocktail pick into the middle of the lime shell then balance it over the cocktail. Soak the dried bread in rum then place it in the spent lime shell and fire it up. Just make sure the person on flaming lime shell duty is sober.

CBD Drink Garnish #3: Flowers, Edible Flowers

Marigolds, pansies, calendula and honeysuckle are examples of flowers you can eat in modest amounts without suffering any ill effects. As such they make a fun addition to your holiday cocktails. You can embellish the rim of the cocktail glass with them or float them right on top of the drink. Mix and match colors and textures to ramp up the experience. Just make sure you buy edible flowers and not deadly flowers like oleander.

CBD Drink Garnish #4: Custom Ice Cubes

Really? Yup. You can have a lot of fun with ice cubes by adding food coloring or fruit juice to the water in the ice cube tray. Or you can do a layered effect with color on the bottom, an edible flower in the middle and tiny pieces of fruit at the top, or just 2 of those or any other non-toxic combination you can think of. Plan your custom cubes to go with the colors in the drinks you plan to serve at your gala get-together, including the color of any sparkling CBD soda you plan to add.

CBD Drink Garnish #5: A Nutty Cocktail Glass Rim

You know how salt is added to the rim of a margarita glass? Well, you can do the same thing using crushed peanuts (or whatever type of nut floats your boat) and chocolate sauce. Dip the rim of the glass into the chocolate sauce and then into the crushed nuts. Place the glass into the fridge until you're ready to use it.

CBD Drink Garnish #6: Smoke

No, we're not talking about cigarette or cigar smoke. In this case, the smoke is derived from burning cinnamon, a citrus peel or various herbs. Fill the cocktail glass with your preferred drink then fire up your cinnamon or other material. After letting it burn for a second, blow it out and lay it next to the cocktail glass, then place a cover (preferably glass) over both glass and cinnamon. Once the smoke has filled the cover, lift it (the cover) and serve the drink. Alternatively, you could turn the cocktail glass upside down over the smoking material and when it's full of smoke flip it over, quickly pour in the drink, cover the glass and serve. When the recipient lifts the cover smoke will drift up from the glass.

CBD Drink Garnish #7: Big Ice Cube

Earlier we talked about custom ice cubes. But another good way to go with ice is BIG. You can pick up oversized ice cube molds online and use them to create outsized cubes for the guests at your next party. It’s amazing how something so simple yet unexpected can get tongues wagging. Even if you’re only serving Sparkling CBD beverages the outsized cubes will be a real ice breaker. Just don’t try to make ice using CBD Sparkling Soda, as freezing it will only neutralize the carbonation.

CBD Drink Garnish #8: Pineapple Fronds

Finally, pineapple fronds are a great and simple way to add a touch of romantic flair to your cocktails. No one will be expecting a cocktail with pineapple fronds projecting out of the drink and pointing skyward.

Any of the above will breathe new life into your summer barbeques or holiday get-togethers. And to ensure your cocktails are everything they should be make sure you use Sparkling CBD beverages as your mixtures. CBD drinks ensure your cocktails are always fresh and flavorful.