What Are the Best Gin Mixers?

Sparkling water in glass with lemon slice garnish

Before we get into our discussion about Sparkling CBD Soda and other outstanding gin mixers let’s take a step back and look at the history of what is now considered one of the most British of liquors.

A Brief History of Gin

Today's gin can trace its origins to the 16th century and a Dutch drink called "genever". At the time distillers in Holland only had crude pot stills at their disposal and so the product they produced was less than palatable to all but the most die-hard drinkers. To create a more agreeable taste various herbs and spices were added to the mix (the Dutch were heavily involved in the East Indian Spice Trade at the time). Among these additives was the juniper berry, and indeed the name "genever" is Dutch for "juniper".

In the late 16th century England was involved in a variety of conflicts on the European mainland and soldiers returning from the low countries brought this decidedly Dutch concoction back home with them. English distillers removed the malt and increased the amount of juniper, creating a unique liquor that retained its relationship to genever while taking the finished product in a different direction. And for the record "gin" is a shortened and Anglicized version of "genever".

Today there are a number of different types of gin with a range of flavor profiles. But they all have one thing in common: juniper berries. As such, any mixer you select for gin must play well with juniper. All that said, here are some of the best gin mixers.


If you want to get into an argument with a student of mixology try stating that you know who invented the Martini (gin and dry vermouth). The fact is there are numerous theories and each has its champions and detractors. One theory says it was invented by 19th-century gold prospectors in the California town of Martinez, and the town has been more than willing to embrace this idea. Other sources claim it was invented in the early 20th century in New York City by a bartender named Martini di Arma di Taggia who worked at the Knickerbocker Hotel. While still others claim the name derives from Martini Brand vermouth. Whatever theory you believe you can't deny that gin and vermouth go together like apples and cinnamon.


About the only gin mixer that can compete with vermouth for cultural supremacy is tonic. The venerable gin and tonic is about as iconic a cocktail as any in existence. And whereas the origins of the martini are hotly disputed, there is no doubt about the origins of the Gin and Tonic. It dates back to the time of British Crown Rule in India, (also known as the British Raj), when quinine tonics were mixed with gin as a way to help treat malaria patients.

Plain Soda Water (or CBD Water)

There are plenty who swear that plain old soda water is a superior mixer for gin when compared with tonic, while others claim that swapping out tonic for soda water represents some sort of affront to Englishmen everywhere. With all due respect to our friends across the pond, soda water is a perfectly acceptable alternative to tonic that allows flavorful gins to enjoy their moment in the sun. Add a squeeze of lemon to really spruce things up.

Ginger Ale

The inclusion of ginger ale on this list may surprise some, but there are plenty of people out there who enjoy the flavor balance produced by a Gin and Ginger Ale. Those for whom a Gin and Tonic is just too dry are likely to find the combination of gin and Sparkling CBD Ginger Ale (or other CBD beverages) to be just right. Likewise, if you find a Gin Rickey to be too tart a Gin and Ginger Ale - sometimes called the Gin Buck - might be just what the bartender ordered.


Speaking of the Gin Rickey… this is another product of British colonial types seeking medicinal solace in distilled spirits. Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) was a major problem for sailors in the British navy during the heady days of the empire. The Gin Rickey helped combat that by combining gin, club soda and half a lime that was squeezed well, with the remains dropped into the glass. These days some folks eschew dropping the spent lime into the glass but it's up to the individual.


The Gin and Cola is a simple yet surprisingly refreshing cocktail wherein the sweetness of the cola balances out the flavor of the gin. Our Sparkling CBD Cola is the ideal choice to create this summertime treat as it is not as syrupy sweet as other brands of cola. Add a twist of lime to take this cocktail in a surprising and satisfying direction.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice, long a staple of tiki drinks, actually works really well with gin. Mix pineapple juice with gin and tonic water and top with a lime wedge to create a delicious and refreshing Pineapple Gin and Tonic. The whole thing may be a bit too fruity for G&T purists but its relaxed and flavorful air puts a quintessentially contemporary spin on an otherwise somewhat staid British staple.

Our Sparkling CBD drink flavors mix well with an array of liquors, including gin, and put a fresh, modern spin on a variety of classic cocktails. Visit our website to learn more about Sparkling CBD soda and order some of these delicious CBD beverages for your next get-together.