Six Ways That Lemons Could Benefit Your Health

Lemons growing on tree in nature

Our CBD drinks are always made of the highest quality ingredients- and our CBD Lemonade and CBD Lemon Iced Tea are no exceptions!

The spark behind our sparkling CBD soda is always when we are greatly impressed by an ingredient. When our team realized how powerful lemons were, we knew we needed to pay homage by creating lemon CBD beverages.

So let’s talk about how lemons are good for your health, and you’ll quickly be as impressed as we are!

Lemons help control weight

It’s very common for lemons to be listed among foods that help you lose weight. But is there any merit to this claim?

One idea is that the soluble pectin fiber found in lemons can help you feel fuller for a longer amount of time because the fiber expands in your stomach.

However, most people don’t eat lemons whole. Also, lemon juice doesn’t contain any pectin. So lemon juice drinks don’t make you feel full this way.

Another theory is that drinking lemon with hot water can help you lose weight.

But when you drink water, the number of calories that you burn temporarily increases. This means it might actually be the water that’s helping you lose weight and not the lemon.

Research has shown that compounds found in lemon extracts might be able to reduce or prevent weight gain in many ways.

While there are some animal trials with promising results, there aren’t any studies that confirm the same results in humans.

Lemons support heart health

Lemons are chock full of vitamin C. A single lemon has around 30 mg of vitamin C in it, which is half of the recommended daily intake. Not bad!

Research makes it very clear that eating vegetables and fruits that have a lot of vitamin C in them will reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease.

Even more exciting, it’s not just the vitamin C that is good for your heart. The plant compounds and fiber in lemons can also greatly lower some of your risk factors for heart disease.

For example, one study showed that eating about 25 grams of citrus fiber extract each day for a month lowered cholesterol levels in the blood.

Other plant compounds that lemons possess- such as diosmin and hesperidin- have also been linked to lower cholesterol.

Lemons prevent kidney stones

Kidney stones happen when waste products become crystallized and build up inside your kidneys. They are relatively common, and if you get them you’re likely to get them again.

Citric acid might help prevent these painful stones by increasing the volume of your urine as well as the pH of your urine, which creates an environment that is less favorable for the formation of kidney stones.

Just a half cup of lemon juice each day might be enough citric acid to aid in preventing the formation of kidney stones if you’ve already had them.

There are mixed results as to if lemonade can prevent kidney stones, so more research needs to be done on this topic.

Lemons may reduce cancer risk

Some studies have discovered that people who eat lots of citrus fruit have a lowered cancer risk, but other studies found no correlation.

Something really cool is that test-tube studies discovered that many lemon compounds killed cancer cells! But of course, the results might not be the same in humans.

Some scientists think that plant compounds in lemons- like naringenin and limonene- can have anti-cancer effects. But this idea needs to be investigated further.

Animal studies show that D-limonene, which is a compound in lemon oil, does in fact have anticancer properties.

While certain plant compounds found in lemons and other citrus fruits might have the potential to have anti-cancer properties, there is no quality evidence showing that lemons have the ability to fight cancer in humans.

Lemons protect against anemia

Anemia is when you don’t have enough iron in your system- you aren’t eating enough food rich in iron.

While lemons do contain some iron, the main way they prevent anemia is by increasing how much iron you can absorb from plants.

Heme iron, such as iron from fish, chicken, and meat, is easily absorbed by your gut. But iron from plants isn't absorbed as easily. However, consuming citric acid and vitamin C can aid in this absorption.

Since lemons contain both citric acid and vitamin C, they might help prevent anemia by helping you absorb iron from plant food.

Lemons improve digestive health

Lemons are about 10% carbohydrates, mainly simple sugars and soluble fiber.

The primary fiber found in lemons is called pectin, which is a soluble fiber that has a load of health benefits.

Soluble fiber can help slow starch and sugar digestion as well as increase the health of your gut. This can end up reducing your blood sugar levels.

But in order to consume the fiber of lemons, the pulp has to be eaten along with the juice. So use a food processor to make your lemon juice instead of squeezing it out!

Final thoughts

Our Lemonade and Lemonade Iced Tea sparkling CBD sodas are inspired by a fruit that many overlook because of its sour taste. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll realize how important lemons are to maintaining a healthy life.

We believe that CBD drinks should always recognize mighty ingredients and not just be mindlessly put together.

So next time you pick up one of our lemon-inspired CBD beverages, you’ll know why we picked this fruit!