Ten Things You Never Knew About Black Cherries

Black cherry held with silver tweezers

The humble cherry plays a pretty big role in American cultural history, both from a mythological standpoint, and of course a gastronomic one as well. That goes double for the black cherry, which is the central ingredient in countless cake and pie recipes, drink recipes (black cherry margaritas anyone?), makes incredibly delicious jam and ice cream and just happens to be one of our most popular Sparkling CBD soda flavors. Let's take a look at 10 things you never knew about black cherries.

ONE: Some consider black cherries a pest

Cherry blossoms are celebrated around the world, but the black cherry is a distinctly North American species. While black cherry trees can now be found in other countries they are not always welcome. In Europe, for instance, wild black cherry trees have been spreading like wildfire. No one knows exactly who brought the tree across the Atlantic, but the Europeans are not big fans of the taste and, apparently, don't care that the trees produce beautiful blossoms. They just want them gone.

TWO: The black cherry has a multitude of health benefits

All types of cherries are loaded with beneficial antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals important for good health. Black cherries in particular are also rich in tocopherols (a type of vitamin E compound known to improve skin health and boost brain function), fiber, terpenes and glycosides. Health benefits include improved skin health, boosted brain function, improved eye health, relief of gout pain, improved cardiovascular health, reduced inflammation and more. All the more reason to try our Black Cherry CBD Soda.

THREE: The wood of the black cherry tree is highly prized

Cherry wood has been used for centuries to produce some of the best furniture ever made in the US. The American fine furniture industry may never have existed without this amazing, durable, smooth reddish-brown hardwood. So the black cherry tree is the gift that keeps on giving. Its fruit can be harvested to produce all those delicious goodies we mentioned above, and the tree itself can ultimately be harvested to produce furniture of extraordinary beauty and durability.

FOUR: Black and red cherries are fundamentally different

The red cherries you see riding atop slices of cake at the bakery - such as Bing cherries and Lambert cherries - are inherently sweet, whereas black cherries are known for being tart. Red cherries are usually significantly larger than black cherries as well. That said, there are definitely things that each type of cherry excels at. For red cherries, it's pie filling and to a lesser extent, ice cream. For black cherries it's desserts, and drinks, like our Black Cherry Sparkling CBD Soda.

FIVE: Black cherry trees are slow to mature

Most sweet cherry trees will start to bear fruit 4 or 5 years after planting. Sour cherry trees, including black cherry trees, typically take up to 10 years after planting before they start bearing fruit. This delayed gratification may have something to do with why Europeans are so eager to rid themselves of black cherry trees. They just don't want to wait.

SIX: Black cherry trees live extremely long lives

Most cherry trees will begin to wither and die after about 20 years. Not so black cherry trees. They are the Galapagos tortoise of the fruit tree world. Most black cherry trees will live 100 years without breaking a sweat. And some have been known to live as long as 250 years. That's good news. It means we're unlikely to run out of flavor for our Black Cherry CBD Drinks any time soon.

SEVEN: Black cherries grow best in the Midwest

While black cherry trees can and do grow throughout the US east of the Mississippi River they grow best in the Midwest. In particular the upper Midwest. Michigan and Wisconsin are two of the biggest black cherry-growing states. They are also the biggest growers of sweet cherries as well. There's just something about the cool weather and alkaline soil in the region that cherry trees take a shine to.

EIGHT: Wild black cherries are edible

Late every summer wild black cherry trees produce huge clusters of low-hanging small ripe fruit. To the untrained eye they might look like blueberries, but take our word for it, there's a cherry pit inside every one of those small black cherries, so be careful when you bite. Wild black cherry is a favorite among birds and other animals. Though the fruit is considered by some people to be too tart to eat directly off the tree there are plenty of other people who eat them by the bushel. So it's all a matter of taste.

NINE: There's such a thing as a cherry pit spitting contest

This is definitely one of those pastimes that came about before the internet turned entire generations into phone zombies. If you make your way to Eau Claire Michigan in July you can take in the International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship as a spectator, or join the fun as a contestant. But be forewarned: the world record is 93 feet 6 inches so you'll have to practice long hours to beat that.

TEN: CBD Beverages makes the best Black Cherry CBD Sparkling Water

Okay, we're more than a little biased, but we have plenty of feedback from our customers to support that statement. But don't just take our word for it. Try it today and see for yourself.